Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An Explosion of bytes

I haven't updated this for a while but since my wife has started blogging over on http://weightlosslou.blogspot.com/ I thought I would update here if I ever felt like I had something worthwhile to say.

I'm lunching at my desk at work and started the weekly download of podcasts I listen to:
Chris Moyles podcast (http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/moyles)- I'm a big fan of his, not always the music that he plays but the banter he has with the studio team and with the nation. Thus the podcast is always a good listen (all chat no music)

The God Journey (http://thegodjourney.com/) Although I am a Christian I have reserved feelings for the way 'church' is managed and run. This is another blog topic for the future I feel. However Wayne and Brad often express the same feelings that I have had in the past

The Friday night comedy podcast. Currently this is the now show which is a VERY funny show.

Anyway - why an explosion of bytes? well I have downloaded the above 3 podcasts onto my Blackberry device to play on my drive home from work during the week. In total 60meg of data.!!!

Now I am not a ludite by any means but I do remeber when 60meg was a significant amount of data to obtain (esp through a 36kbps modem) and to transfer about (just over 40 1.4mb disks) However now I have downloaded and transferred the lot in a couple of minutes.

So in todays terms what is a considerable amount of data are we talking terrabytes, petabytes ???

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