Monday, 26 April 2010

Hobbit at IBM Impact 2010

Next week I will be attending IBM's premier conference for IT and business leaders 'Impact 2010' at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel.

As I am an IBMr I am really proud to have been asked to speak at this conference and am really looking forward to meeting our customers and showing them some of the cool functions of our software.

Over the week I will be presenting on:
Old Stager Vs Greenhorn - this wasn't my title but during the session I will be comparing application development environments on the mainframe and on other related platforms. I will be showing where modern application development paradigms fit within the mainframe and where they don't. As a point of fact I will be showing Rational Application Developer for System z. This tool forms part of the IBM Software development platform and allows mainframe based application developers to write applications that will allow them to make the most of the mainframe.

Securing CICS Web services. Did you know that CICS can be a first class participant in SOA and webservices? well it can and it does the job with usual CICS QoS. One question that we are often asked is how can we strategically propagate a users credentials with the webservice to ensure that the CICS application uses the correct ID to access confidential data. This session is going to get very technical. However by the end you will understand what options are available to you and which may be the right option for your enterprise.

Simple Sample web 2.0 example. Web 2.0 is it just a buzzword or does it really exist? was there a web 1.0? were there bug fixes between version 1 and 2? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions what does that mean to CICS. Does CICS need to play in web 2.0 and why would it be useful. In this session I will be picking through the buzzwords to understand what CICS can do to allow Web 2.0 applications to access your data in a way that reduces risk to your existing workload and allow you to create situational applications quickly.

Why I am speaking about these topics. Surely it would be better to get a development lead to talk instead of the tester. However as a system tester it is my job to understand the value a customer would receive from the new function. Thus I have experience in applying the technologies to other parts of the enterprise.

Also Please remember I am not a salesperson so each of my sessions will be from my PoV giving you real scenarios that I have created.

If you are planning to come to impact and would like to have a more indepth chat about any of the technologies then please:
Catch me at the end of a session
Speak to any IMPACT organiser who can contact me for you
Leave a comment on this blog

Look forward to seeing you at Impact
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