Wednesday, 21 April 2010

What I learned today 21st April

When using the Websphere MQ Java API in CICS you don't need to know the queue manager that you are connected to.

A single CICS region can only connect to a single queue manager or a single queue sharing group. Thus we can always assume that the queue manager that you want to connect to is the same one that CICS is connected to.

However since the java MQ api requires you to specify a queue manager name in the constructor, as a developer this can make you think "err where do I get the queue manager name from". The JCICS api doesn't contain a way of getting to it.

The easiest solution is to construct a queuemanager object by passing an empty (not null) string into the constructor. When you later attempt to get or put a message to that queue, CICS will ensure that we use the correct queue manager.

That's what I learnt today and it made writing my CICS java MQ application a lot easier

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