Monday, 25 March 2013

Give me your money!!!!

My wonderful wife Amy @alyates is running the race for life this year.
Amy and me in the forest

She runs the race in memory of my mum and my step mum who have both had battles with cancer.  I'm not going to talk at length how bad cancer is and how a cure is just around the corner.  We all know the former and I don't know enough about the latter to have a reasonable opinion.  However I would like to think that people might want to spare some spare change and through it at her just giving page.

Or you can simply text:
AMYY83 £1

to donate via your phone.  SMS donations are also linked to that page.

Ask the bill payers permission, don't spend your last £1 here etc.  But if you can spare a little cash and help us eradicate this terrible disease then Amy, me, Cancer Research UK and cancer sufferers past present and future will all be greatful