Sunday, 4 January 2015

1st run of the year

After my new years resolutions I had to commit and actually run.  Naturally being a nerd this activity required tracking and monitoring. I spent quite a bit of time working out how to track my run, what I was going to listen to and where I was going to run.

Tracking my run.
I have started using run keeper on my phone for this task.  It tracks my run via built in GPS, gives me details of my progress every 5 mins and then saves all the stats of my run to the cloud.  I did consider a fitbit or jawbone device but this app was free and seems to do a fine job.  The app also allowed me to design routes online and then view them on my phone.  Quite handy to see where I was going to be running and how far that was in advance rather than just be running aimlessly.

What to listen to.
Instead of just picking a random running album I decided to use the NHS free couch to 5km podcasts.  Each one uses intervals of running and walking to build up stamina over a period of 9 weeks where hopefully I should be able to run 5km.  I transferred the podcasts to google play and then stream them to my phone.  Having someone tell you when to run and when to walk was quite helpful

So no need for any new toys.  Amy had already bought me some trainers and I have clothes that I can run in.  However since my phone was going to be my tracker and music player I invested in a karrimor arm band to house my phone and a pair of runners headphones.  Both were half price.  The headphone were very comfy and the arm band although too tight to fit on my upper arm kept my phone safe on my lower arm.

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