Monday, 26 January 2015

Keep on Running

10 runs into the year and I am surprised that:

  1. I am still running even though
  2. I was surprised with how incredibly unfit I was and that surprises me that
  3. I am actually getting better
The couch to 5k programme that I am following now has me running for 3 minutes.  180 seconds of running doesn't seem a lot, but 10 runs ago I couldn't go for 60 seconds so this is a massive improvement.  My last run detailed here: was the first run that I didn't do as a loop.  I ran from the Mountbatten centre through to cosham centre.  Although not the greatest distance, mentally it felt great to start in one place with a certain destination in mind.  At this point in my training plan this has been very helpful.

As I said when I started this I have been gathering statistics on every run and averaging them out over each week of the C25K programme.  I've decided to make this public in case anyone is interested.  Apart from the raw data I have learnt a few other things:

  1. Running with spectacles, in the rain, while getting too warm means you spend way too long trying to wipe away the rain and haze.
  2. Hills are hard, but only in one direction
  3. Never judge a run by your heart.  I can feel that a run has gone badly but the realz of the stats show that the run was awesome
  4. Running makes me feel so much better

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