Friday, 16 June 2017

Streaming from CICS 5.4

So today (16th June 2017) marks the general availability of CICS TS v5.4.  So considering it was a Friday I thought I would take some time to build a quick project using the latest release of CICS and CICS explorer.

Earlier in the week Fraser Bohm and Andy Bates had been involved in a webcast outlining the new technology in the latest release.  After a brief prompt by colleague David Harris and some conversation with Chris Philips we decided to see how easy it would be for the latest version of CICS to stream a video about itself. 

We grabbed the recording of the CICS 5.4 web cast and stored it in a zfs file on the mainframe, started a CICS region and the explorer and started to build

For those interested the small bundle project that I created here is available on github.

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